Saturday, June 04, 2005


Lowell is an old historical town west of Boston. Famous for its textile and other mills, the Merrimack river that flows through the center of the city, University of Mass at Lowell and an old and pretty big downtown.

We are in the part of town that used to be called ‘Pawtucketville’. Everything around here has a ‘Pawtucket’ in it.
Another interesting trivia is that there is no way in this world that if you throw a stone in any direction - it won't hit a Dunkin Donut store. Within a radius of ten miles, there must be about 100 Dunkin Donut stores, not to mention a ton of other Mom and Pop Donut corner shops.

When they say that America is going over-weight, they are not wrong. I can see it here.
And yes, every road has at least 3 or 4 funeral homes here. Go figure.


Leo said...

Lowell's "No place for hate" campaign is ambitious. Utopian, almost. So donuts, eh? Ambrish, you should try some. If Dunkin' can't add a few layers on you, nothing will.

akv said...

Ha Ha..
Hmm... This place has a large Indian population (mostly students at UMASS, Lowell)- and apparently a couple of years ago a few of them were attacked by some teenagers. The attacks were racially motivated.