Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hurricane Ophelia

Ophelia update from one who has weathered a few storms.


Ophelia has been quite a lot of fun- 3 days of no school! and then we had power outage yesterday night- all night. The kids had a camp out in Dhruv's room. Today it's beautiful and still windy. We went out for a long walk to see our neighborhood. Except for a few little trees and tree limbs on the ground there is not much damage. Now Dhruv is outside, cleaning up the mess.There are a lot of leaves to be swept and picked up! We will go join him later. Two of our backyard chairs got pushed by the wind into the pool. They are in the deep end and it would be fun taking them out. Those were the only things we forgot to put inside before the hurricane. The power was back on at five in the morning and so were my kids - as they went to sleep early yesterday and also because they knew there was no school! So that's that as far as hurricane Ophelia goes. I think it pays to give them such nice names, unlike Katrina!


Mini/ Jiji

PS. Except for schools, everything else is open, so my husband had only yesterday off. Madhur is back to work today.


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Brad said...

Hey! I've been wondering how you've been doing with Ophelia! Glad she's been relatively friendly and easy to get along with!