Monday, January 23, 2006

Back again!

Sorry guys,

Been out for a long time. (you know its kind of weird – for all I know there are, in all of 6 billion souls on this planet, 2 people who read this blog. Shruti is one and the other is the random person who chance upon this site by no fault of his – so to apologize for not writing is funny).

Actually – I was in India for the holidays and attend a wedding – but I have been here a long time ago now and I should have written.

Visited my hometown and had the time of my life. Must say – Allahabad is not the same it was. Many more cars, lot more cell phones, crowded streets, more unplanned construction, stray dogs and cows and plenty of dust. The weather was mild and there was enough sun.

Throughout my stay there was one day when it rained. The dust settled down a bit on that day – but the streets became clogged. I wish it rained once every week – for about half an hour or about half an inch. It will help have a fresher look to the plants and trees and the surroundings in general – but its just that – a wish. But its not like it doesn’t happen anywhere in the world – entire Europe gets rain like that – the US gets rain that is evenly divided throughout the year.

Sometimes I think that to make smaller Indian cities better places to live, you should start from the very basic things – like proper drainage.

Anyways – enough of wishful thinking – so my trip to India began from where it begins every time! Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi. The continental airlines flight takes you directly to Delhi from NJ in about 13 hours. I recommend that flight to everybody. No connecting flights to worry about and no missed baggage – and best of all – you can sleep for a good 5-6 hours at a stretch without worrying about missing a meal or that ice cream. It lands at a very convenient time as well – at about 9:30PM instead of the usual time of 1AM or something like that. India is a lot closer to the USA now.

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