Saturday, January 27, 2007

Back Again

Its snowing here in New Hampshire! After a day of 20 below freezing temperature and nice sunshine - it is snowing and I am sitting in my bed watching the flurries (a few heavy ones are actually falling vertically - the rest are just flowing with the wind) falling from the heavens.

So we are in New Hampshire. Never in my life I would have dreamt that I would have my home address ending with 'NH'.

My defense went off well and after minor corrections and slight heartburn and frustrations - I got the go ahead from all relevant authorities to start driving north.

After a few days in the hotel and searching for an apartment - we found one (a pretty huge apt complex at that) in Nashua, NH. About a 5 minute ride to the MA border and about 15 minutes from work.

It is pretty beautiful here - even with the frigid winters at full blast to welcome us. All small ponds and lakes and marshes have frozen giving an eerie look at dawn and dusk - but nonetheless - beautiful and quiet. The shopping district is 5 minutes from the apartment - but our unit is located in a quiet corner with a vague view of the mountains.


Raoul said...

Congrats, mate. Or should that be Dr. Verma now?

Brad said...

Oh wow... that is SUCH a contrast from Brisbane!

Congratulations on your PhD! I wish I could come and visit you next week!

Let me know if you find Stars Hollow in Connecticut. If you do, say hi to the Lorelais for me and Di.