Monday, October 22, 2007

"it is not the end of life"

After declaring that the nuclear deal is needed for the forward movement of India and calling those opposing the deal “enemies of development and peace”, the government in India became just that - enemies of development and peace.

Clearly, the lure of power had won over the need to pursue the deal which, according to the PM and Madame Gandhi, was in the national interest.

The prime minister even went ahead and uttered these unfortunate words:
"I do attach importance to seeing this deal through, but if the deal is not through, it is not the end of life"

Sure, it is not the end of life. Life would also not end if you, Mr. PM would have stood by your words and resigned in protest. Life would not have ended if you had not been attracted to the lure of power. Life would definitely not end if you stopped licking Madame's shoes and adhered to some principles and had the good of India on your mind. Shame on you Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Communist Karat and all those who are not a part of the solution. They can only stand in the way of any solution.


raoul said...

Personally, I think the BJP should back the Congress on this one. With the two biggest parties supporting the deal, it wouldn't matter what the leftists think. Besides, strengthening ties with the US is part of the BJP agenda too. They are supposed to be the right-wing liberal party, after all (whatever that means).

Don't think it's going to happen though. The funny thing is, if it were the BJP in power, you'd have them proposing this deal, and the Congress opposing it.

akv said...

Such is the sad story of Indian politics. No ideology, no principles, no voice (specially the PM, I mean literally), no sense, no direction.