Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Btw, you don't blog anymore. Why?

One simple question - a not so simple answer! So - instead of trying to answer you, my friend, I will do start blogging again.
So - tune in to at the usual time my friends. I have news to share, photos to show, politics to discuss - my usual banter.


raoul said...

Who are these "my friends" you keep referring to?

Vishesh Agrawal said...

Plagiarism is not a virtue my friend - A-"Kavya"-Varma. Especially for the post subject. I object.

Welcome to BlogLand. Suddenly, my Google Reader aka Marvin has something to do.

akv said...

Raoul, my friend ;-), the above post must have answered your question.

How is it going guys?

Brad said...

Woo hoo! My prayers have been answered! Looking forward to hearing more from you Ambrish. Perhaps a running commentary on the Knight Riders progress?