Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Our Farmer's Market.

Every Saturdays, apart from the regular habits of getting up late, a relaxed tea in bed and the likes, we have developed a love for our local farmer’s market which is not far from where we live. We make sure we have some cash in out pockets and we head to the large shed where the local farmers display and sell their produce. From a distance of more than a hundred meters, we could make out the hustle bustle inside the place.

After I parked the car this past Saturday, my wife mentioned a strange feeling that she gets – something that I agreed I have too – that of a strange nervousness and a strange excitement. In that large open building (I’ll take my camera the next time we go there) we interact with at least 2 to 3 dozen people, sharing our vegies and fruits, asking for change, asking for bags etc. Its an activity that takes some courage and getting used to if you haven’t done it before.

We get a lot of fresh vegies and at a very nominal price but the best thing of all is the sight of so many people at one place.


shruti said...

It's really nice to read this blog. Everday something new and fresh.Keep it up.

yadavbhai said...

how about a pic of your farmer's market?