Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bring Back the Prince

Neither Tendulkar wants his batting to suffer because of being the Captain, nor Dravid, that leaves with only one person in the national Indian Cricket team who doesn't mind that his batting suffers while he is the Captain - yes you've guessed it - Sourav Ganguly. BRING HIM BACK.
Under his captaincy, India went all the way to the finals of the world cup in 2003. The Australian team had a real problem at hand while he was the Captain - there was somebody out there who could speak and understand their language.
In today's tough times - we need and deserve a captain with a 'thumb on your nose' attitude who knows how to keep a team together. Who cares if his batting average falls from the 50s to the 20s...or even lower (??)


Raoul said...

Not very likely, if you ask me. I suspect they'll make Tendulkar the captain again.

akv said...

Hi Roul,
I hope they don't force it on SRT and I also hope that he has the courage to say NO if they do.
I hope its the Prince.