Monday, September 24, 2007

India - Twenty20 World Cup Winners!

I must admit, I was unaware of the fact there was even a Cricket world cup going on up until the game in which India played Pakistan in the preliminary round. Twenty20 was not a big thing in India. I was even surprised to hear that in South Africa, the first twenty20 game was played almost 6-7 years ago!

Anyway - I did not realize that was this a big deal till the semifinals.. I know I know - I am slow - but I am slow.

Twenty20 or fifty50 - who cares - as long as India keeps beating Pakistan in the game, specially if its a world cup. I have started to believe that win or lose anywhere else, come World Cup time - India is ALWAYS going to spank Pakistan any place, any time. It's the power of belief, the confidence of winning, the taste of victory, call what you may.

Any win over Pakistan is sweet - but all the more sweeter if it some sort of a World Cup game.

It will be interesting to observe how the shorter game (twenty20) will impact the 50-50 overs a side, commonly known as the One Day International version of the game. Suddenly, waiting for a result for 8-9 hours sound like an insanity.


Raoul said...

Well technically, this was not officially a World Cup. The official ICC name was 'ICC World Twenty20'. Go figure.

Technicalities aside, it was a very good tournament. Made all the more sweeter by India winning it. Better still, India beat Australia in the semis. As far as I'm concerned, I don't care if India beats Pakistan or not, just as long as they beat Australia. Or anyone beats Australia for that matter.

AA said...

well said Chachu. I didnt realize (due to my wedding).. this is so big till vishesh called me from india to congratulate. I thot it was for my wedding but alas it was for the game .. sorry the worldcup. probably you have a company for this who was totally ignorant till we won ! feels good am not alone in this club.