Sunday, September 09, 2007

Roger Federer gets 2.2 million for 2 weeks of .. play.

2.2 Million USD!! That's just insane. Oh and yes, the latest and greatest Lexus as a bonus.

I know he deserves a lot - but I doubt he ever thought that he will have to worry about where to put this loose change.

Just goes to prove that there is enough and more for people who like what they are doing and who do it well.

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Jeffrey Dach MD said...

What is Roger's Secret Weapon?

Of course, Roger Federer is a gifted athlete, but could he have a secret weapon that gives him an edge on the tennis court? You might be surprised to know that Roger Federer makes use of gadget called a BEMER. This is a portable pulsed magnetic field device which speeds healing of muscle and tendons after tough tennis matches. According to the BEMER web site, Roger and many other athletes have been using portable pulsed magnetic therapy units regularly.

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Jeffrey Dach MD